About Us

About Us

Make an Impact

For over 30 years, Access Data has been creating world-class business solutions with leading-edge technologies. We provide a diversified staff of information systems professionals to Fortune 500 clients. Many of the largest enterprise-scale applications found in the industry today were developed by Access Data. Access Data supplies a diversified staff of information technology professionals to design, develop, maintain, and operate your systems. We have the people who will make a positive and lasting impact on your organization.


With a combined 40 years of experience in the industry, we understand what our clients need. The management team ensures Access Data is always delivering top-quality talent.

Account Executives

Our Account Executives work face to face with our clients to understand their needs and make sure they are met at the highest standard.


Access Data has built a team of first-class technical recruiters that are experts at identifying top talent across technical and business roles.

Management Team

I am obsessed with technology, human potential and achievement, and I know we are all great at something. Access Data allows me to help people and companies achieve their goals and reach their dreams by matching candidates with positions that produce phenomenal results!

Dan Dampier


I accepted the position of Managing Director of Access Data because I am passionate about helping the team reach their top levels of production. I truly want to see everyone fulfill their goals and surpass milestones that they never thought possible; all while maintaining the great company culture that ADCC is known for.

Lianne Lindgren

Managing Director

Account Executives

I have been a senior account executive with Access Data for 10 years. My emphasis is in building partnerships with my clients and consultants, based on ethics, morals, integrity and values. It is a Win-Win for everyone when I am able to make the perfect connection with a client and consultant. I love what I do at Access Data and look forward to building a partnership with you!

Kerry Palmer

The last 7 years at Access Data have been a gift as I have had the pleasure of working with an amazing team of genuine professionals who truly care about making a meaningful difference in the lives around us. In my walk of life, I'm sincerely passionate about building relationships and helping people, and Access Data provides me with the perfect environment to do that!

Jan Szigeti

What I love about Access Data is that it has allowed me to excel both professionally and individually as a senior account executive over the last 5 years. I have been given the opportunity to build lifetime relationships with our clients and consultants, and that is what I value.

Ashley Sommer


As a senior technical recruiter at Access Data for the past 7 years, I am very passionate about recruiting and building relationships with job seekers. I enjoy working with people and excel in learning new technologies. If we work together, we win together!

Deepak Seth

As a technical recruiter at Access Data, I get to use my gifts of communication and relationship building by helping great candidates and top clients get together. My goal is to assist the candidate in obtaining a position that not only fits their technical skillset but also makes a great culture fit. Access Data has presented me with an opportunity to have an amazing career, meet a variety of people, and work in a positive and uplifting environment.

Stephanie Alvarez

It's been a great experience working as a technical recruiter at Access Data for the last two and a half years. I really like being here because we are focused on producing great matches for consultants and clients that benefit everyone.

Ashley Herdje

As a senior technical recruiter at Access Data, my focus is on getting to know our candidates and what is important to them. Working with the rest of the team and matching those needs with the expectations of our clients is where Access Data succeeds. Knowing that I have made a difference in the lives of the consultants with whom I've worked is the most meaningful part of what I do.

Jamie Olberding

I am a technical recruiter at Access Data and I really love working here because we have a great culture of teamwork, positivity, and success. We all do our best to give the clients and the consultants an outstanding professional experience.

Jonathan Binder

As a technical recruiter at Access Data, I really enjoy connecting with great people, whether it be helping them fill positions with quality candidates or helping someone find the job they have been searching for. Working together to help someone's life become a little bit better is why I enjoy being a part of the Access Data family!

Drew Conners

Every day I come to work and do what I love to do; helping others by finding innovative solutions. The people I am privileged to call coworkers are passionate, honest, hardworking and know how to make everyday fun. Access Data gives the team encouragement and the necessary tools to continually improve and excel in all that we do.

Erin Crawford